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Everything You Need to Stock a Spa

Use this checklist to make sure your spa is well-equipped with a full array of durable products that will pamper your guests. Order the tried-and-true... Read More

Meet Stacy Baumstark, Senior Product Manager, Medline Textiles

Stacy Baumstark helps hospitals choose the best head-to-toe coverings for their patients. That means terry robes on occasion — yes, bathrobes — along with predictable... Read More


Wendy Kallergis By day, Wendy Kallergis is president and CEO of the Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Association. Off duty, she’s an unapologetic robe... Read More

Live and In-Person —Boca Terry Heads to Trade Shows

  Come see our robes at booths across the country. We’ve enjoyed selling you bathrobes by phone, email and Zoom, yet let’s be honest: face-to-face... Read More

What Is a Microfiber Robe?

  Why choose microfiber robes over cotton, terry or waffle? With words like plush, silky and warm to describe bathrobes, why do we use the... Read More
Spa Accessories

Best Backyard Spa Accessories of All Time

  If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful luxurious backyard why not turn it into your own spa? Turning your backyard into a... Read More

Hey World, Where’s My Stuff?

  Merchandise is stuck on ships that are stuck in the water. It might be awhile before some arrives. Boca Terry is doing its very... Read More

Meet David Bremer, Boca Terry’s Newest Account Executive

  Our spa-savvy newest sales rep has a hankering for plush towels and a not-too-warm robe. His joy: matching up clients with just the right... Read More

Boca Terry Robes Reside in the Most Unusual Places

  Thin and thick, soft and softer, Boca Terry robes enwrap guests in hotels and spas from Miami to Manila. You’d expect that. But guess... Read More
Zoom In

Zoom In

  Pay attention during virtual meetings. And if you run them? Keep the chat short and on-point. You’ve had enough of virtual meetings for sure—via... Read More
Lounge Chair article image

Cover Up by the Pool

Add panache - and lighten the laundry load – by topping lounge chairs with Boca Terry covers. Freshen up your pool, beach and spa lounge... Read More
Ready to Wow Your Guests? Stock Up on New Robes

Ready to Wow Your Guests? Stock Up on New Robes

What a year we’ve all had. We’re on an upswing, thankfully, with guests returning to hotels and spas in bigger numbers. That slow surge is... Read More

A Robe? In the Casino? Lessons from a Resort SVP

High-tech tags, a team of robe testers, and a pile of XXLs at the ready. Ivaylo S. Ivanov is a seasoned robe warrior. With nearly... Read More
Bathrobes for Future Wedding Brides

The Top 8 Boca Terry Robes for Brides to Be

  Your “Big Day Prep” shots will be some of the most candid and cherished photos from your wedding day. And while there’s no shortage... Read More
Hotel Luxury Bathrobes for Home

Having Hotel Luxury at Home is Easier than You Think

Whether you’re traveling around the world or just a few miles away, we all have our favorite hotels. We can recall the feeling one gets... Read More
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