Product Information

Specifically designed for the health care industry, the Medi-Robe features convenient plastic snaps on both sleeves from collar to cuff, allowing the robe to be slipped on or off without affecting any tubing or ports on the arms. View Case Study With our innovative design, IVs and blood pressure tests are hassle-free, and heart monitors fit comfortably in the breast pocket with a small hole to accommodate a wire. Addressing the needs of patients and professionals alike, the Medi-Robe provides ease, privacy, flexibility, warmth, and uninterrupted comfort. Stay Informed Click the link above to receive additional information about the Medi-Robe and Boca Terry's collection of health care products.


  • 100% customizable
  • Snaps on both sleeves from collar to cuff
  • Small hole in breast pocket to allow for heart monitor
  • Available in sizes up to 6XL
  • Available in any color or fabric
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