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Cruises vs. All-Inclusive Resorts: The Vacation Showdown

Summer is here — and you know what that means: It’s the time of year when vacation is on everyone’s mind. The kids are out of school, educators are off work, and the beach is calling. Time to start planning that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about. And then, a dilemma. Should you book a … Continued

Improving Hotel Guests’ Experience in 2016

Improving Hotel Guests’ Experience in 2016

There are several facets associated with offering the best customer service possible in the hospitality industry. Your hotel’s success relies on how comfortable your guests are, which is why it’s imperative to choose the right strategy and tools to help them get the experience they yearn for. A Tech World In a world dominated by … Continued

How a Spa Wrap Can Make Your Hotel’s Spa Experience Perfect

There are so many factors that fuse together to make for the perfect spa experience. As with any part of the hospitality sector, it’s all in the details. Making sure that your guests have enough amenities to enhance their comfort levels certainly makes all the difference in assuring that they’ll be paying your spa another … Continued

Creating a Hotel Spa Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

It’s not everyday you get a revolutionary thought on how to enhance or transform your hotel’s amenities into incentives for your guests to keep coming back for more. If you have a spa, then you know how fierce the competition can get. So, if you’ve gone by the book (or at least think you have) … Continued

Why a Nice Bathrobe will Make Your Airbnb Guests Happier

The key to having guests return for another stay (or to even lengthen their stay) is by emphasizing your focus on the elements that place comfort as a priority. Besides preparing a quality breakfast menu, smooth linens, and the proper temperature for your room(s), having a luxe bathrobe ready will make all the difference. The … Continued

How to Make Your Spa Experience More Comfortable for Guests

How to Make Your Spa Experience More Comfortable for Guests

As that long-awaited day of pure relaxation makes its mark on your guests’ calendar, your mind is set on how to make their visit to your spa extra pleasant. It’s not just about maintaining your reputation as being a top-rated spa that visitors resort to as the ultimate spot to purify their body and soul; … Continued

What Bathrobes Should You Get For Your Hotel?

Getting the perfect bathrobes for your hotel is a must for keeping your guests coming back for more. A lot goes into deciding which bathrobes you should choose to properly exude your image. You should look at the amenities your hotel has to offer along with what color(s) you would like to opt for. Bathrobes … Continued

Monogrammed Towels for Your Resort

Monogrammed Towels for Your Resort In a world filled with so many options, it can be hard to truly stand out from the crowd. You may find that even the smallest details can help you do this, though. If you are a resort that’s looking for ways to implement details that put you a cut … Continued

Tips for Your Hotel: Improving Guest Experience

Tips for Your Hotel: Improving Guest Experience  Hotels are in the business of guest experience—which can be affected by several factors, including customer service, comfort, cleanliness, value, and the quality of items used in the rooms. Want to know a few ways that you can help boost your customers’ satisfaction? Follow these tips from your … Continued

5 Uses for Hand Towels in Your Hotel

5 Uses for Hand Towels in Your Hotel We all know that hand towels are an excellent go-to item for various needs. And, while you might think you are using your hand towels to their greatest ability, you might be surprised to learn that such a tiny amenity—a simple piece of fabric—is probably being underutilized … Continued

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