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Make Your Hotel the Premier Destination for Wedding Party Guests

You can do it by focusing on these five areas To say the wedding industry is lucrative is a bit of an understatement. Every year in the U.S., there are about two million weddings, and the average cost is over $26,000. You can do the math to figure out exactly how much money is spent … Continued

The Right Free Gifts Can Lead to More Gym Membership Signups

Wholesale terry towels and five other ideas to think about If you asked the average person if they want to lose weight and get in better shape, almost certainly he or she would say yes. Most people would probably agree that they eat a little too much or don’t exercise enough. However, if they’re being … Continued

How Do You Encourage Business Travelers to Choose Your Hotel?

Terry bathrobes plus these other free gifts can help seal the deal If your hotel is in or nearby a major city, you probably get your fair share of business travelers. The question then becomes how can you get more of them? With so many other hotels in the area, the competition is always fierce. … Continued

Trade Show Coming to Town? How to Entice Attendees to Stay with You

Hotel marketing tips to attract trade show attendees Trade shows of any caliber greatly affect local businesses. Traffic is increased, small and large parties want to set up business dinners and after-hours events, and almost all attendees need a place to stay. As a hotel owner, you want to attract more of these visitors to … Continued

5 Amenities Your B&B Needs to Be Successful

Make an impression on guests with amenities that pamper them With the competition rising (thanks to new startups like Airbnb), now is the time to make your bed and breakfast (B&B) really stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to attract visitors is to offer them the best amenities in the business. Wondering … Continued

Purchasing Wholesale Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel

Purchasing Wholesale Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel

Have you enhanced any of your hotel’s pampering amenities lately? Regardless of your hotel’s size and location, you should have the right features available in all of your guests’ rooms to assure that they’ll be paying you another visit again soon. Bathrobes are one of the most coveted elements every guest loves to be welcomed … Continued

Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel’s Pool Area

Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel’s Pool Area

You’ve gone through every effort to perfect your hotel’s amenities so your guests can enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Yet, something still seems to be missing—perhaps, the perfect bathrobe for visitors to wear by your hotel pool. The good news is that at Boca Terry, you don’t have to think twice about where to go to … Continued

Wholesale Luxury Bathrobes for High-End Hotels

What makes for a high-end hotel’s brand recognition? For one, it’s certainly steered by originality in offering the highest quality when it comes to amenities and services to assure guests enjoy the optimal experience during their stay. Among those facilities lies the availability of accessories that can ease the stay of each visitor. That’s where … Continued

7 Things to Consider When Ordering Bathrobes for Your Resort

7 Things to Consider When Ordering Bathrobes for Your Resort

You’ve put in a lot of time and energy, to say the least, in making your resort the ultimate haven for relaxation. Now it’s time to select the bathrobes that’ll put the final touch on making all your efforts a success. Having the right bathrobes available for your visitors will leave a great lasting impression … Continued

Creating a Hotel Spa Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

It’s not everyday you get a revolutionary thought on how to enhance or transform your hotel’s amenities into incentives for your guests to keep coming back for more. If you have a spa, then you know how fierce the competition can get. So, if you’ve gone by the book (or at least think you have) … Continued

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