Top Customizable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2015

Top Customizable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2015Along with a new Valentine’s Day comes a new season of giving gifts—and sometimes, you might just be out of ideas! If you are in a long-term relationship, don’t settle for the same gift you gave your partner last year. If you are just starting a new relationship, or your crush is nothing more than—well, a crush—then you will want to offer up a gift that truly wows them this holiday! Win them over with these customizable Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

1. A Card

A card might seem like a pretty basic gift, but it is just the start of the expression of your feelings—and that is what Valentine’s Day is all about! While a card might seem like an easy enough piece of the puzzle to dismiss, you don’t want to do that—a card shares your truest feelings with your partner: even the ones you are too afraid to share. Don’t forget, you will always win with a handmade card!

2. Personalized Candy

Maybe you want to decorate and package homemade chocolate truffles. Maybe you’d like to customize m&m’s candy with a photo of you and your love. Go ahead, choosing their favorite colors and order some white chocolates dyed that shade. Yes, those little pixelated smiles and fun-shaped chocolates are adorable, but no matter what you choose, your significant other will love personalized candy this year!

3. Customized Bathrobe

Who is the perfect candidate for a fresh, new bathrobe? Well, everyone. In fact, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like bathrobes. Help your special someone unwind and relax this holiday. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, you two can spend all day in your robes without ever leaving the house! Netflix marathon? Grab the popcorn! If you are stuck on which robe to choose, here are a few of our favorite options:

        • Pink Satin Kimono – True to the nature of Valentine’s Day, this bathrobe is romantic and, of course, pretty in pink!

        • Microfiber – The ultimate sign of elegance and good taste, this robe comes in a large collection of colors. Pick your partner’s favorite color robe and let the excitement on their face speak for them!

4. Matching Slippers

Soothe his or her achy, tired feet this holiday. Slippers are perfect for your busy restaurant worker, nurse, construction worker, or anyone else who works on their feet all day. If you love someone who is always on the move, they will love a pair of personalized matching slippers to go along with their brand new bathrobe! Considering slippers this year, but not sure which style best suits your significant other? Boca Terry offers slippers in three distinct styles:

        • Open Toe – Perfect for warmer months and hotter climates, or just those who enjoy the freedom of an open slipper design.

        • Open Toe Velcro – The athlete’s favorite, your busy bee will love these slippers.

        • Closed Toe – Great for winter months and colder climates. This classic design is an excellent choice for your valentine.

5. Personalized Hanger

For newlywed couples, there has been a recent trend that is growing in popularity: order a personalized hanger to display the couple’s newly shared last name across the hanger. This is perfect to hang a pretty wedding dress, or other high quality items or gifts from one’s significant other.

6. Handmade, Decorated Mug or Plate

Make a special Valentine’s Day mug that your loved one can use time and time again on this holiday—or any time they want to remember how much you love them! It’s easy; all you need is a blank plate or mug, a permanent marker, and an oven! Follow a quick tutorial online!

7. Homemade Romantic Fortune Cookies

Believe it or not, fortune cookies are easier to make than you think! Simply write a small collection of brief, romantic love notes, find an easy recipe online (think Pinterest) and bake away! You will love seeing the surprise on their face when they learn that you made these from scratch!

8. An Engraved Hammer

Sometimes, a more masculine individual just wants to escape the lovey-dovey Valentine’s gifts. In lieu of a traditional gift, give your significant other something useful. Something they really want in addition to the perfect robe and slipper duo. A personalized, engraved hammer is sweet and tough—like your man.

9. Spa Wrap

For the athlete, gym fanatic, or beauty guru, a spa wrap is the perfect choice. You get to pick your size, pattern, and material—along with the personal message you’d like to embroider on it.

Boca Terry: Bettering Your Valentine’s Day

Boca Terry is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best products around. We know that some of these items will make a big difference when it comes to making your Valentine’s Day special. We wish you all the best this holiday! If you are ready to order our signature luxury items wholesale, or if you have questions about wholesale pricing, contact us now!

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