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BEAUTY IS A STATE OF MIND. Best Bathrobes and Towels for a Luxurious Ritual

It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – and what better eyes than our own, for that matter! In this day and age of constant productivity and deadlines, self-care has become a priority and a necessity if we are to continue giving the best of ourselves. While the simple … Continued

MOST COMFORTABLE ROBE: 5 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Robe

There’s something undeniably appealing about bathrobes. A great robe can help you stay warm, cover up, or make your morning routine more pleasant. It’s also a small luxury—something to splurge on, just enough to make you feel pampered and cared for. When buying a robe for yourself, you may already know the materials and styles … Continued

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Holistic Luxury with Jeanne Smith, Director of the Awakening Spa

While any spa can offer momentary relaxation, only a first-class luxury spa can deliver a memorable, holistic experience that stimulates all senses and continually surprises you. As Director of the Awakening Spa at the Anderson Ocean Club & Spa, Jeanne Smith takes on this challenge each and every day. At Awakening, the overarching belief is … Continued

WHEN STYLE MEETS COMFORT: The bathrobe as a stylish staple

  Following on the “athleisure” wave – the trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts is worn in other settings – fashion bathrobes have emerged as somewhat of a micro-trend in the fashionista circles. From pop culture to international runways and streetwear the easy comfort and practicality of the robe have been embraced … Continued

The Best 5 Robes and Slippers for Brides in 2019

  There’s an evident allure to bridal loungewear and, as of recent times, those coveted behind-the-scene garments have become almost as equally important as the gowns and other indispensable nuptial accouterments. Whether you’re opting for the delicate silk/satin textures or the luxuriously pampered feel of a soft microfiber or velour, the inherent intimacy of a … Continued

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Beauty & Natura with La Natura’s Sabina Chaz

  This month we had the pleasure to meet with Sabina Chaz, founder of La Natura, an innovative cosmetics and skin care brand that embraces beauty as a natural lifestyle. A native from Southern Italy’s Puglia, Sabina embraces the bountiful of nature by using the power of plants to provide luxurious, natural skin care. In … Continued

WINTER COZY: Best Winter Bathrobe Fabrics For a Luxurious Experience

  Does getting out of a warm shower or steamy bath seem like a daunting task this winter? Fret no more, we have put together a list of the best bathrobe fabrics to wrap yourself in for a luxuriously warm experience. There’s nothing like curling up in a warm bathrobe on a cold winter evening … Continued

Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus: Holiday Wisdom for the discerning modern gentleman

This morning my wife and I were going out together for a drive and the first thing I noticed while finding my way to the driver’s seat, was the holiday wrapping rolls and boxes that I was not supposed to know anything about. It’s only Dec 1st, and she’s already preparing for the holidays? “Why … Continued

Beyond Luxury: How wellness is transforming hospitality

Wellbeing has become a global movement and as such, wellness is a hot topic in hospitality right now. Walk into most five-star hotels, and the gyms are first-rate, with spas offering thoughtful, nuanced treatments and room service calibrated for maintaining nutrition on the road. Equinox is opening their first hotel and brands like Westin are … Continued

2018 Promotional Products Trade Show Tips for Attendees

Promotional products trade show floors can be overwhelming. Attendees can maximize their time by staying close, coming prepared, and attending “smart” events. Boca Terry has just wrapped up the ASI Show in Orlando, and we’ll soon be packing for the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas (Booth #1862). In honor of promotional products trade show season, we’re sharing … Continued

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