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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOCA TERRY! 23 Reasons Why We Are Celebrating 23 Years of Success

  This year we are commemorating our 23rd Anniversary in the business of luxury bathrobes, towels, and spa accessories. In 1996 Boca Terry was founded by third-generation garment manufacturers, brothers Edward and Bruce Cohen, who sought to take the crucial concepts of the garment industry to the hospitality business – customer service, timely deliveries, quality, … Continued

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Beauty & Natura with La Natura’s Sabina Chaz

  This month we had the pleasure to meet with Sabina Chaz, founder of La Natura, an innovative cosmetics and skin care brand that embraces beauty as a natural lifestyle. A native from Southern Italy’s Puglia, Sabina embraces the bountiful of nature by using the power of plants to provide luxurious, natural skin care. In … Continued

Jarmo Pohjaniemi Shares His Grand Vision for Boca Terry

  We welcome the innovative Jarmo Pohjaniemi as our new Marketing Director/Editor to Boca Terry. We are looking forward to new energy and direction to our existing visual aspects and marketing strategies! With 2019 upon us, it’s ripe time for a visual upgrade and welcoming new horizons with Jarmo and his 35 years of experience … Continued

INNOVATION IN HOSPITALITY: The Balancing Act of Technology and People-To-People Warmth

There are countless factors when it comes to remaining relevant in the hospitality world, however, very few are as crucial as innovation is to make the cut amongst the beloved brands of that world. Nowadays, it is known that guests are willing to pay more for hotels that show greater innovative activity. Technology, in particular, … Continued

10 Most Romantic Getaways

  Get your bucket list ready! From the Caribbean to Hawaii and Bora Bora to Miami, these dreamy resorts are sure to rekindle sparks in the eyes and hearts of their lucky guests. Step into the New Year with the right foot by getting lost in the sunsets, luxurious poolsides, romantic dinners and fabulous spas … Continued

Beyond Luxury: How wellness is transforming hospitality

Wellbeing has become a global movement and as such, wellness is a hot topic in hospitality right now. Walk into most five-star hotels, and the gyms are first-rate, with spas offering thoughtful, nuanced treatments and room service calibrated for maintaining nutrition on the road. Equinox is opening their first hotel and brands like Westin are … Continued

Breathe In and Experience Salt Therapy

Scientists contend with its supposed benefits, but all-natural salt therapy may be the next best excuse to stop, recline and relax. You enter a dimly lit room. Salt covers the floors and lines the walls. You take a seat in a lounge chair or settle into a salt bed—and breathe. You can rest, meditate, listen … Continued

Featured Interview: Betty’s Bath & Day Spa

If you’re searching for the best day spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, someone in the city—and several local publications—will point you in the direction of Betty’s Bath & Day Spa. Founded in 2000, Betty’s Bath & Day Spa remains true to its original concept: to provide residents and visitors with a relaxation and wellness retreat. … Continued

"must have items for every luxury pro golf shop shop"

5 Must-Have Items for Every Golf Luxury Pro Shop

There’s one thing that luxury golf pro shop around the world have in common: They all carry golf equipment. There is never a shortage of bags, balls, clubs and scorecards. However, if luxury golf pro shops want to increase their revenue and attract new customers—including visitors, tourists and local residents—then they may want to consider … Continued

Feature Interview: Staying Scentered

British entrepreneur Lara Morgan founded her company in 2011 to fill a void in the market and in her life. What she needed was a practical, portable, all-natural collection of aromatherapy products to help her restore her lifestyle balance. The answer was Scentered, an assortment of therapy balms created by Lara and co-founder Fay Pottinger … Continued

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