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Meet Stacy Baumstark, Senior Product Manager, Medline Textiles

Stacy Baumstark helps hospitals choose the best head-to-toe coverings for their patients. That means terry robes on occasion — yes, bathrobes — along with predictable apparel like cloth gowns. The goal? an enhanced patient experience.

The Robe Report: The Medline website lists oxygen masks and heated humidifiers, even “continence care” products. We know you represent the company’s textile offerings. Where do Boca Terry products come in?

Stacy Baumstark: Some hospitals are so upscale that they’ll invest in robes to create a spa or hotel-like feel for their patients, often with the facility’s name embroidered on. I see it most with women’s and oncology centers. Robes help hospitals differentiate themselves. While patients don’t necessarily choose a facility based on the robes, often people talk about a luxe offering, and maybe a friend will then choose the facility, and then its best doctor, because of the luxe offering.

RR: Tell us more.

SB: When hospitals have items like robes or premium linens, you see that they’re paying attention to detail about the little things — and also those bigger things: You know you’ll be well taken care of. A higher quality product gives you good feelings. [By contrast,] you won’t forget the bad experience of wearing a paper scrub if you have modesty concerns or your backside is showing. That’s not OK.

RR: Which Boca Terry products do your clients prefer?

SB: They mostly choose terry robes, sometimes a waffle weave. Sometimes they’ll order wraps with Velcro or snaps. Medline Textiles also buys slippers from Boca Terry.

RR: How do you show clients their robe choices?

SB: I work with the sales rep Jyll Brink, and she partnered with us to create a swatch book with all the different robe fabrics in it. My clients can touch and feel each fabric, which is so important when talking about fabrics. This is just one example about why I feel that Jyll values us. She has a can-do attitude, and is responsive and efficient. She is such a treat to work with.

RR: In your industry, which is more important: looks, comfort, customization or durability?

SB: I think it’s comfort, 1,000 percent. Maybe it’s my age, but I think it’s how putting on a robe makes me feel, and I’m all about what patients in a hospital are feeling too.

RR: Honestly, we agree that answer reflects your age. [Laughs.] Not durability?

SB: I almost went with durability as No. 1! Some of our clients are industrial laundries that rent robes and other products to hospitals, and yes the items must withstand the industrial laundering process. The Boca Terry robes are such great quality, they last so long, that the hospital and laundry customers are going to get a return on their investments. So, I think of comfort first, but durability is a very, very close second. Extremely close.

RR: What trade shows do you attend and why?

SB: Before the pandemic, I found trade shows that target nurses to be great for Medline Textiles. Chief Nursing Officers are big influencer’s in hospitals. They see products that increase patient satisfaction as products that will make nurses’ lives easier. It’s gold when they go back to work and tell hospital decision-makers about our products.

RR: Excuse us for getting personal, but what is your robe preference at home?

SB: I have a Boca Terry waffle robe and I have a Victoria’s Secret robe. I always choose the waffle robe. It gives me full coverage and comfort. I just really like it. I also have a black satin Boca Terry robe that I absolutely love as well. That satin robe is my absolute favorite. That’s the one I’m wearing in the picture.

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