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HeBS Digital is expanding their Digital Efforts to Help Hoteliers Remain Competitive in 2014

HeBS Digital is expanding their Digital Efforts to Help Hoteliers Remain Competitive in 2014Understanding the importance of using digital initiatives to aggrandize revenue opportunities for the hospitality industry, HeBS Digital is expanding its efforts to support the digital health of hoteliers in 2014. Its online channel will address increased Meta search, mobile and target channels and other effects caused by Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update.

In order to help hoteliers determine their status in the digital space, HeBS Digital has also commenced its assessment package that provides information on industry changes and innovations. The package encompasses an analysis of a hotel’s property and competitive pricing for its Responsive Website Design Packages used for desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

This expansion is synonymous with the fact that, “twenty-two percent of website visitors are reaching property websites through mobile devices and 11% come from tablets.” This translates into the dire need to offer valuable website content on the right platform in the right device. This will encourage business because it will ensure that users are experiencing optimal functionality when it comes to the browsing and booking process.

There is good faith that HeBS Digital will be able to accomplish its goals for the hospitality industry in 2014, as they received 30 major industry awards in 2013 for hotel desktop and mobile websites, multichannel marketing campaigns, Meta search marketing campaigns, software programming, and interactive application design.

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