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INNOVATION IN HOSPITALITY: The Balancing Act of Technology and People-To-People Warmth

There are countless factors when it comes to remaining relevant in the hospitality world, however, very few are as crucial as innovation is to make the cut amongst the beloved brands of that world. Nowadays, it is known that guests are willing to pay more for hotels that show greater innovative activity. Technology, in particular, … Continued

10 Most Romantic Getaways

  Get your bucket list ready! From the Caribbean to Hawaii and Bora Bora to Miami, these dreamy resorts are sure to rekindle sparks in the eyes and hearts of their lucky guests. Step into the New Year with the right foot by getting lost in the sunsets, luxurious poolsides, romantic dinners and fabulous spas … Continued

Know Your Cotton Fabrics

From our bathrobes to our bath towels to our 1,000 thread-count premium bed sheets, we encounter cotton fabrics on an hourly basis. It’s about time we got to know and appreciate cotton. There are dozens of varieties of cotton fabrics, and each one has its own unique properties and ideal applications. To start, we’ve highlighted … Continued

The Rich, Vivid History of the Cabana Stripe

Before the Cabana Stripe became an adored, iconic style beloved by beachgoers, it was the uniform of both working class people and mariners around the world. The Cabana Stripe conjures various images, but its pattern is unforgettable. Minimalistic, bold stripes in black or various colors alternating with white. Often vertical (but occasionally horizontal), the stripes … Continued

The Best Robes to Buy for Your Hotel or Spa

Before making a selection, keep these four features in mind When most people come back from a great trip, they are generally pretty anxious to tell their friends and family about where they went, the things they did, and maybe even the food they ate. They don’t, however, probably mention the robes in their hotel. … Continued

Best Bathrobes for Hotel Guests in Different Climates

Best Bathrobes for Hotel Guests in Different Climates

Best Bathrobes for Hotel Guests in Different Climates  Bathrobes really make for the best companions in all sorts of climates. No matter what location you reside in, there’s no such thing as having an overdose of comfort. Whether you’re looking for bathrobes to include in your hotel, to hand out as gifts, or perhaps to … Continued

How to Protect Your Bathrobes Against Fading and Wear

You’ve just gotten your brand new bathrobe and couldn’t be more excited to start wearing it every chance you get. As you wear it continuously, the clean freak in you brings you to wash it frequently, too. But just when you think that you’re maintaining your robe’s longevity, you start to notice your bathrobe’s fading … Continued

What Are the Differences Between Our Two Towel Collections?

What is one of the key necessities you can’t live without? Aside from food, clothing, and shelter, towels have always been a staple—and not just in the household. Hotels, spas, offices, even restaurants and airliners, utilize towels on a regular basis. Before making a purchase, it’s important to know what the main differences are between … Continued

How to Remove Stains from a Bathrobe

We all have our guilty pleasures and can sometimes over-indulge in a chocolate fudge brownie or in a sour cream dip with chips. Mistakenly smearing food on your bathrobe can happen, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. As with all items of clothing, each fabric has its own washing instructions, … Continued

What Your Bathrobe Says About You

What Your Bathrobe Says About You

As you might already know, a person’s wardrobe items speak volumes about the individual who is wearing them. Most people choose clothing items that they believe represent who they are as a person. For example, if you’re feeling edgy, you might dress up in punk-style clothing. If you’d like to be perceived as more feminine, … Continued

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