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Exclusive Interview with Carol Taylor – The Marine’s Memorial Association

Carol Taylor from The Marine's Memorial Association

The Marine’s Memorial Association was opened in 1946 as a ‘living memorial” to honor America’s fallen and to help Veterans in their transition to civilian life. Today the national headquarters of the Marines’ Memorial Association is also home to an amazing hotel with 138 guest rooms and suites, a steakhouse with city views, superb banquet/catering facilities, health club, library, and a theatre. Today we interview Carol Taylor, who is the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO and she give us insight into what makes the property unique and how the organization has branched out to nearly 250 reciprocal clubs worldwide.



Boca Terry (BT): Can you tell us about your company? What makes it unique?


Carol Taylor (CT): San Francisco’s Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel includes 138 guest rooms and suites, a steakhouse with city views, superb banquet/catering facilities, health club, library, and a theatre featuring local, national and international performers. The Club opened its doors in November 1946 as the headquarters of the Marines’ Memorial Association. It was designated as a “Living Memorial” to honor America’s fallen and to help veterans in their transition to civilian life after World War II. What makes the Marines’ Memorial unique is its dual purpose as a museum that honors the legacy of military service, and an elegant hotel and event venue that hosts commemorative and educational programs throughout the year. Today, our 20,000 members and supporters from around the world enjoy access to our historic building and its many outstanding amenities, along with nearly 250 reciprocal clubs worldwide.



BT: Can you please describe your typical day at work? What does your role entail?


CT: My job as the Executive Assistant to our President and CEO is multi-faceted. I work with a variety of people both within and outside our organization, including our Association members and our Board of Directors. I also purchase and manage items for our Club store. We sell our Marines’ Memorial Club branded items both in-house and online. Finally, I manage a list of nearly 250 (and growing!) Reciprocal Clubs worldwide.



BT: What has been the most rewarding aspect of working for this company?


CT: There is a true family atmosphere here. Like myself, many of our employees have worked at the Marines’ Memorial Club for 25 or more years!  Seeing each other most every day, we become close — like family. Though we have different jobs, we have a common goal: To serve our members well. We know our members and the members feel “at home” when they come, because they see familiar faces, too.



BT: How do you create a sense of community for your guests / employees?


CT: Because every member of our organization has served in the US military, there is a built-in camaraderie here. Members-only events, such as weekday happy hours, reinforce this. While most of our employees are not veterans, we are all focused on honoring members and making them feel like this is their home away from home. From the moment they walk in the door, there is a palpable sense of belonging. Our team of employees also cares for each other; there’s always support  – both professional and personal – available if you need it.



BT: Which Boca Terry products do you use in your establishment?


CT: We use their bathrobes in our hotel rooms and also sell them to members and guests.



BT: Would you recommend Boca Terry products to others? Why?


CT: I would recommend Boca Terry. Their products are of great quality and the customer service is the best. They worked with me on our logo until they were convinced we were totally satisfied. The Cohen brothers are joy to work with – they make you feel as though you’re the only customer they have!



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